Adventure trip to the Kalevala Song Festival and Solovetsky 1.7.-9.07.2021

Adventure trip to the Kalevala Song Festival and Solovetsky / Available for European group travelers

July 2021

1.7.-09.07. (9 days, 8 nights)

Thursday 1.7.
9.45 Flight Frankfurt – Helsinki
13.15 The flight arrives at Helsinki Vantaa Airport
Train to Tikkurila
14.36 The train leaves for Kajaani
20.32 Arrival at Kajaani railway station,
accommodation at the hotel
An evening in Kajaani’s nightless night, in the hometown of Elias Lönnrot (collector of traditional Finnish oral poetry)
Friday 2.7.
8.00-9.30 Breakfast at the hotel, check-out from the rooms
10.00 City tour in the footsteps of the giants,
the Kalevala and Lönnrot
12.00 Lunch
14.00 The bus trip to Kostomuksha starts
18.00 Arrival in Kostomuksha, accommodation in a hotel
City tour, dinner
saturday 3.7.
8.30-9.30 Breakfast at the hotel
10.00 Departure by bus to Viena Poetry Village
11.30 Arrival in Vuokkiniemi Village and guided tour
15.00 Lunch on Venejärvi, Kalevala National Park, the story of a “perspectiveless village”
17.00 The journey continues to the Kalevala
19.00 Arrival to the Kalevala, accommodation in Hotel Welt
20.00 Dinner
synday 4.7.
8.00-9.30 Breakfast at the hotel, check-out from the rooms
10.00 Village tour, the journey continues to Haikola
12.30 Lunch in Haikola, presentation of the story of Vienalainen traditional village and author Ortjo Stepanov
14.00 The journey continues towards Viena Kemi, on the way we visit the museum village of Paanajärvi, snack
19.30 Arrival in Kemi, accommodation in a hotel
monday 5.9.
7.30-8.30 Breakfast
9.00 The ship leaves for Solovetsky Island
Accommodation in a hotel, lunch
15.00 Solovetsky Monastery Tour
18.00 Beluga whale watching tour
21.00 Return from the excursion
tuesday 6.9.
8.00-9.00 Breakfast at the hotel
10.00 Excursion´s theme: “Prison Camp Archipelago”
13.00 Lunch
15.30 The ship leaves for Kemi
19.00 Arrival in Kemi, accommodation
wednesday 7.7.
8.00-9.30 Breakfast at the hotel, check-out from the rooms
10.00 City Tour
12.00 Lunch
13.30 Departure by bus towards Jyskyjärvi
15.00 Arrival in the Karelian village of Jyskyjärvi,
family accommodation
Village tour, sauna, evening in Karelian style
thursday 8.7.
9.00-10.00 Breakfast
Getting acquainted with the desing of Karelian boats,
boat trip
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Departure towards Kostomuksha
15.00 Arrival in Kostomuksha
16.30 Departure by bus to Kajaani
19.30 Accommodation in a hotel in Kajaani
friday 9.7.
7.30-8.30 Breakfast at the hotel and check-out
9.27 The train leaves for Tikkurila (second option: Flight Kajaani-Helsinki Vantaa and connecting flight to the home country)
15.25 The train arrives in Tikkurila
Local train to the airport
Return flight home
August 2021
4.8.-14.8. (9 days, 8 nights)

A similar program, on Saturday in the program Vuokkiniemi village festival

Good to know:

Preliminary price estimate:
flight tickets 500 €
Train tickets 130 €
accommodation 8 nights 400 €
Guide services: 200 € / person (10 people)
meals 200 € / person
a total of 1430 €
the total price of the travel package is 2000 €